Certain members of the ASB are representatives to the University Standing Committees. The University Standing Committees are appointed to bring together faculty, staff, alumni, students, and administrators for the purpose of collecting, exchanging, and weighing information and opinions and submitting to the Chancellor and Provost recommendations for changes that the committees deem necessary for the general good of the University. Each committee has the responsibility of continually reviewing practices and policies in its area of concern, as well as performing specifically designated duties. The University Standing Committees are advisory to the Chancellor and Provost and, as such, perform a significant role in the governance of the University. These members of ASB are thus essential advocates for the student body to the University Administration. 

Academic Discipline

The duties and responsibilities of the Academic Discipline Committee are set forth in the University's M Book, Handbook of Standards and Activities. The committee conducts formal hearings on charges of academic dishonesty when a student who has had a penalty imposed against him or her for alleged academic dishonesty appeals that decision. The committee's decision is final unless the penalty assessed involves suspension or dismissal from the University, in which event that part of the penalty is subject to the approval of the Chancellor.

Chad Gutierrez, csgutier@go.olemiss.edu


Academic Grade Appeal

The Academic Grade Appeal Committee considers grade appeal cases that continue to step four in the appeal process. The committee may reach decisions by either considering evidence submitted for consideration or by holding a hearing of involved parties. The committee makes a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. 

Sally Boswell, srboswel@go.olemiss.edu
Ashna Sethi, aasethi@go.olemiss.edu
Elam Miller, eemille1@go.olemiss.edu


The Committee on Accessibility advises university leadership in the centralization and coordination of efforts to foster a fully accessible university. The committee connects university and community members with campus resources to enable maximal participation in the university's physical, educational, virtual, and social environments. The committee will make recommendations to university leaders and participate in the assessment of efforts to achieve the highest level of accessibility on campus. The committee fosters and supports an accessible and welcoming campus culture for all.

 Glenn Aranha                                                                                                                                                         garanha@go.olemiss.edu


Artist Series

The Artist Series Committee is charged with the responsibility of administering the Artist Series, a cultural enrichment program for the University supported primarily through student fees. Administering the series includes selection of artists, marketing events, producing events, education and outreach to the community, as well as managerial duties related to contracts, bills, mailings, and grant writing.

Elizabeth Weathersby, ejweathe@go.olemiss.edu
Pearson Moore, mpmoore@go.olemiss.edu

Buildings, Grounds, and Renovations

The Buildings, Grounds and Renovations Committee is charged with making recommendations for maintaining and improving the physical appearance of the Oxford campus. The committee is available to consult with potential donors interested in contributing to the beautification and development of the campus environment. In addition, the committee oversees the Building Mayors Program and works with this group and Environmental Safety in making recommendations for renovations and building improvements.

Zach DiGregorio, zrdigreg@go.olemiss.edu
Darby Todd, dltodd@go.olemiss.edu


Council of Academic Administrators 

The Council of Academic Administrators oversees the conduct of ongoing academic programs; it recommends the establishment of new programs and the terminations of, or changes in, existing programs. It receives copies of minutes and recommendations from the Undergraduate Council, the Graduate Council, and the External Academic Affairs Committee. It receives reports of the Calendar Committee and makes final recommendations to the Chancellor for all academic calendars. It is concerned with the development of the University budget, with research policies and procedures, with University service to the State, and with relationships with other educational institutions and organizations.

Elam Miller, eemille1@go.olemiss.edu


Intercollegiate Athletics

The Athletic Committee is charged with the responsibility of advising the Chancellor on matters regarding the operation of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. 

Elam Miller, eemille1@go.olemiss.edu

Lecture Series

The Lecture Series Committee is charged with the responsibility for administering the University Lecture Series, a program aimed at broadening and enriching the education provided in the classroom by bringing to campus speakers of intellectual distinction. The Office of the Chancellor may provide this committee with names of individuals (e.g. Nobel or Pulitzer Prize recipients) to be considered for the Lecture Series.  

   Cynthia Nicole Bauer                                                                                                                                             cnbauer@go.olemiss.edu

LGBTQ+ Affairs

The committee provides counsel and makes recommendations to the Chancellor and Provost on University policies, programs, practices, and facilities as they impact or pertain to students, faculty, and staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer/questioning. The committee seeks to foster and support University efforts to promote and enjoy a safe, open, and diverse learning community where LGBTQ members experience respect, civility, and fairness consistent with the values of the Ole Miss Creed.

   Alec Ashby                                                                                                                                                               atashby@go.olemiss.edu

Library Council

The function of the Library Council is to represent the faculty, students, and other interested members of the University community in advising the Chancellor and Dean of Libraries concerning improvements in the operation and effective utilization of the Williams Library and its branches. The structure of this committee encourages the establishment of school- or college-wide library committees whose representatives would serve on this Library Council.

  Hannah Newbold                                                                                                                                                hgnewbol@go.olemiss.edu


The function of the Museums Committee is to make recommendations regarding the University Museums' policies and needs and to serve as a liaison between the Museums and the faculty. The committee shall give guidance to the Director of Museums on proposed sales or exchanges of artifacts and similar items that are part of the collections of the University. The committee shall review and recommend revisions in policies and procedures, including long-range planning, conservation and collection management policies, and other activities to benefit Museums operations.

 Kailey Ready                                                                                                                                                               krready@go.olemiss.edu

Recreational Facilities

The Standing Committee on Recreational Facilities serves as a diverse advisory group for the Director of Campus Recreation and his/her staff. The committee provides counsel on issues and policies pertaining to general use of recreational facilities administered by the Department of Campus Recreation.

 Anderson Helton                                                                                                                                                   aehelton@go.olemiss.edu


Recruitment, Admissions, Orientation, and Advising

This committee meets regularly and issues formal reports and recommendations concerning: (1) recruitment policy and procedures; (2) basic orientation policy; and, (3) academic advising policy and procedures. This committee also provides an annual report concerning the effectiveness of current procedures.

Cecilia Trotter, cgtrotte@go.olemiss.edu

Sensitivity and Respect

The Committee will serve as an immediate point of contact for any member of our University community who is subjected to actions or words that are in conflict with our EEO anti-discrimination policy. The Committee will be asked to receive and review any such complaints as well as consider proactive measures to encourage community harmony and emphasize the high value we place on respect for the dignity of individuals.

Rosemary Cornella, rlcornel@go.olemiss.edu
Elam Miller, eemille1@go.olemiss.edu

Traffic & Parking

The committee shall be concerned with traffic safety and planning strategies for the entire campus and shall examine and recommend policies regarding parking, traffic flow, and placement of appropriate traffic/parking signs on campus.

Claire Hausman, cchausma@go.olemiss.edu
Sara Doty, scdoty@go.olemiss.edu


Student Affairs

The purpose of the Student Affairs committee is to serve as a diverse campus advisory group for the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and his/her staff. The committee will provide counsel regarding programs, services, facilities, and policies pertaining to Student Affairs at the University of Mississippi.

Allysa Nicole Lipsey, anlipsey@go.olemiss.edu
Jonathan Watts, jewatts@go.olemiss.edu
Julia Jarrett, jljarret@go.olemiss.edu
Elam Miller, eemille1@go.olemiss.edu

Undergraduate Council 

The Undergraduate Council has broad responsibility for advising on all undergraduate academic policies and activities of the University on its Oxford and satellite campus locations (excluding the University Medical Center). This includes the consideration of new degree programs, formulation and refinement of undergraduate regulations, consideration of undergraduate courses for approval, and decisions on petitions from students who are requesting waiver of campus-wide (as opposed to departmental or school) undergraduate degree requirements.

Morgan Cannon, mlcanno1@go.olemiss.edu
Elam Miller, eemille1@go.olemiss.edu