The Legislative Branch consists of the elected senate, the legislative council, and legislative aids, which are all under the jurisdiction of the Vice President. The three parts work in a cohesive unit with the senators to create and initiate legislation.

The Senate serves as the representative elected body of the student government, which consists of elected members from different colleges and organizations on campus. Their duty is to write legislation that will address any problems on campus that directly or indirectly affect the student body. Senators research, write, debate, and vote on legislation. Any legislation that is passed has the potential to change the Ole Miss student experience from anything as small as inserting a crosswalk to as significant as changing the grading system.

The Legislative Council acts to aid, assist, and guide the legislative branch of the ASB, which includes the Vice President of the ASB, senators, and legislative aides.

Legislative Aides are a group comprised of seven freshmen or first year transfer students who act as secretaries to Senate standing committees. This program allows freshmen and first year transfer students to learn how the Senate operates while playing an active role in the legislative process. Legislative Aides will be able to author legislation, debate in committee, work alongside Committee Chairmen, and speak on the floor, if approved by Rules Committee.