President Barron Mayfield

Major: Public Policy Leadership

Hometown: Lubbock, TX

Contact: bcmayfie@go.olemiss.edu

The President of ASB is the primary representative of the student body. The Executive power of the Associated Student Body is vested in the office of the President, and from such posture the President maintains a final decision in every ASB initiative. As a representative of students, the President is charged with facilitating a working relationship with various other leaders in the campus, local, and national community.

Vice President Charlotte Shackelford

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Mandeville, LA

Contact: ccshacke@go.olemiss.edu

The Vice President of ASB is the Presiding Officer of the Student Senate. Primarily, the Vice President enforces Parliamentary Procedure in Senate and helps Senators develop their ideas from simple concepts to binding laws. The VP directs the selection of both the Legislative Council and Legislative Aides. The Legislative Council helps maintain order and cohesiveness with other branches during Senate. Legislative Aides serve as the secretaries and primary researchers of each Senate Standing Committee.

Judicial Chair Liza Boyer




The Judicial Chair oversees both the student conduct appeals process and the Student Traffic Appeals Board, serving as the head of the entire Judicial branch of the ASB. The Judicial Council, a jurisprudential body of both students and faculty over which the Judicial Chair presides, is the final authority on interpretation of the ASB Code & Constitution.

Treasurer GiannA Schuetz

Majors: Accountancy and Theatre Arts

Hometown: Huntsville, Alabama

Contact: grschuet@go.olemiss.edu

The ASB Treasurer prepares a complete statement balance of the previous year’s expenditures to be presented with the proposed budget, and furthermore, serves as an ex-officio member of any ASB committee whose function entails the receipt or disbursement of ASB funds, makes a report each semester on the standing of funds at the time of the submission of the budget before the Campus Senate. The ASB Treasurer prepares the ASB internal budget and the allocation of funding to student organizations and is responsible for issuing appropriate penalties for funding violations as well as the oversight of all fees allocated to ASB for operations and management.

Attorney General austin fiala

Majors: Public Policy Leadership and French

Hometown: Tullahoma, TN

Contact: adfiala@go.olemiss.edu

The Attorney General is in charge of keeping the ASB Constitution and Code up to date, as well as giving up to date interpretation. The AG is also in charge of the Elections Department, which consists of three Deputy Attorney Generals and an Elections Commission.

Secretary Hannah Chauvin



Contact: hchauvin@go.olemiss.edu

The ASB Secretary serves as the minute-keeper for all meetings of the executive officers, alongside those of the President’s Cabinet, and maintains the active member list of the ASB members. The Secretary also serves in duality as the Senate Clerk, and is charged with maintaining the voting and attendance record of all senators. Furthermore, the ASB Secretary facilitates MSync training sessions throughout the academic year and publish a biweekly report of all Associated Student Body activities.