ASB Funding FAQ sheet:

Are we eligible for funding?

                  If you are a Registered Student Organization (RSO), have been active for no less than 30 calendar days and have no outstanding debts to the university, then YES! We look forward to reviewing your requests.

How do I know what budget request to choose?

                  Think about the nature of your request, is it just your organization (closed), will this be open to the public (open), is this request for flyers or items needed for the success of your organization (promotional materials and operating expenses), or is this for a conference or outside event not hosted by your organization (Professional Development).

How far in advance should we request funding for an event?

No less than 10 business days in advance of the event. These 10 days start from the date the request if reviewed. It is best to submit your request early; we recommend at least 2 funding request deadlines prior to your event date.

What happens after we receive our approval email?

                  The RSO must then set up a purchasing plan with the ASB Treasurer up to 5 days after being approved. Keep in mind the purchasing process can take up to 2 (two) weeks contingent upon the item(s) being purchased and the current purchasing schedule.

What happens if we are denied funding?

                  If an RSO is denied funding, they have the right to appeal a decision and try and submit the request again for further review.

If we have already paid for something for our event, can we receive a reimbursement?

No. Unfortunately ASB cannot retroactively reimburse organizations for items not pre-approved by the Treasury Department.

Why can we only receive up to 90% of our requested amount?

Unless other sources of funding have been shown, ASB can only approve up to 90% of a request to be in accordance with IHL rules that specify that we remain a supplemental source of funding.

What are some acceptable forms of documentation?

                  Unpaid invoiced; contracts that state specific amounts, dates, times, people, etc.; screenshots of online shopping carts with exact quantity and prices with cart totals that match; flyers with ASB logo; list of attendees; list of students who will benefit from the items requested; documentation that the event has been registered; etc.

How much funding can we receive for t-shirts?

                  An organization will only be allowed to request funding for t-shirts once in a school year. The Treasury department will cover up to eight dollars ($8) per shirt, provided the necessary documentation is provided.

Can we request funding for items we intend to reuse over their useful life?

                  Yes! However, ASB needs written confirmation that these items will become university property and will be stored on university grounds and will remain under the jurisdiction of the RSO’s faculty advisor.

How many closed events can we have per semester?

                  RSO are allotted funding for up to two (2) closed events per semester. These are limited to recruitment events and recognition events.

What about Tax?

                  The University of Mississippi is tax-exempt. Therefore, all requests should be void of tax liabilities. Ask for an itemized invoice or quote that is tax exempt when requesting appropriate documentation for your funding request.

How many times can we request funding?

                  An RSO has an unlimited number of times that they can request funding, but it is important to note that the Treasury Department has the right to cease funding an organization, if the department feels the RSO is not using funds responsibly. In addition to this, there is an internal cap of $4,000 per organization, per semester that serves as a benchmark for when an organization runs the risk of being exempt from further funding.

How much funding can we receive for a person to come and speak?

                  RSO are allotted $500 for a “Speaker Fee” for closed events and $1,000 for a “Speaker Fee” for open events.  In order to receive funding for a speaker, the RSO must submit a speaker contract that states the amount to be paid, for what the money will be used for, to whom it will be paid and what date the payment is required.  It is important to note that if the request amount includes lodging and/or travel for the speaker, that amount will be subtracted from the total amount funded.

Does my event need to be registered?

                  In addition to the rules currently present surrounding event registration, a good rule of thumb is: if your event is off-campus, late at night, has amplified sound or has an expected attendance of over 150 people, the event must be registered. Events can be registered on the ForUM homepage at

Why can we not include the words “holiday,” “party,” “celebration,” or names of specific holidays in our event title?

                  It is important to think about the objective of your event when requesting funding. If you are merely celebrating a holiday or throwing a party, ASB is prohibited from funding such events. However, if you are planning a “cultural night” that highlights and informs individuals on the aspects of a holiday and you can prove such notion, then these events enable to student body to learn and thus can be funded by ASB.

Can we request money for items we plan to sell or donate?

                  No.  ASB will not fund items that are intended to be sold, resold, or donated. All items funded by ASB are required to be used and/or reused by the organization that requested funding for such items.

Do we need a flyer for our event?

                  Yes, especially if it is an open event. A flyer/poster WITH the ASB funding logo is required. It is important to note that ASB can help cover up to 90% of poster/flyer cost for your organizations event.

Do we need a roster of attendee?

                  Yes. As a good rule-of-thumb, all events should submit a list of attendees. For open events, this is after the event has taken place; for closed events and conferences, this is required with your initial funding request. A list of names (first and last), student ID numbers and email addresses should be included on the “List of Attendees” document. This should be submitted to both the Dean of Students office and the Treasury Department.

Can we request funding for registration fees, conference fees and any other external fees required by our national organization or event we would like to attend?

                  Yes. Actually we can cover up to 90% of these fees. However, if the fee includes travel and lodging, that portion of the fee will be subtracted from the total amount that can be funded, as ASB cannot fund travel and lodging. It is important to reach out to the event director and get an itemized list of the items associated with the fee so ASB can fund you appropriately.

When can I expect my request to be reviewed and when will I hear back about my request?

                  The treasury department reviews requests on Mondays at 12:00. RSO can expect a decision on their request no later than the following Tuesday at 5:00 provided all the necessary documents are submitted. Friday at 11:59 PM is the deadline to submit requests. To help visualize this rule see figure 1 below:



Items that do not qualify for funding:

Below is a list of items that will not receive funding from ASB. Keep this sheet with you when you are making your request to eliminate the possibility of being denied funding.

1.     Travel expenses. This includes, gas, plane tickets, rental cars, bus rentals and any other expenses related to travel.

2.     Lodging expenses. This includes hotels stays, Airbnb, hostiles and any other expenses related to lodging.

3.     Items for faculty members. This includes items like t-shirts or gifts for faculty of the University of Mississippi. This excludes plaques and awards given as recognition for service to a faculty member of the University of Mississippi.

4.     Decorations. Items to be used for decorations are prohibited from being funded in accordance with IHL rules.

5.     Gifts and giveaways. This includes gift cards, prizes and item giveaways. For example, items like cups or t-shirts given to students cannot be funded by ASB.

6.     Events that require ticket purchases. If your event requires that people purchase tickets, ASB cannot fund your event unless you agree to the ASB Profit Agreement that states any funds you receive from ASB must be paid back in full from the money you collect from admission. It is best to not charge admission and accept donations for a cause.

7.     Tickets. This includes tickets for your event. This excludes registration fees for an event your organization would like to attend, this is different.

8.     Fundraisers. ASB cannot fund events that are fundraisers for your organization.

9.     Reoccurring food expense. RSO’s are allotted funding for food for the two closed events permitted each year. If your organization would like food at you regular meetings, ASB will not fund this.

10.  Salary. This is different from a speaker fee. This includes salaries for individuals inside and outside of your organization. For example, you would like to host a baseball game and the field rented requires an umpire to be on duty. The amount being paid to the umpire is considered a salary and thus cannot be funded by ASB.  A second example: an event that has security personnel present. The expense for these individuals cannot be funded.

11.  Facilities. This includes spaces not owned by the University. For example, if you have items and would like to store them in a storage unit, ASB cannot fund the monthly payment for storage fees. This category excludes room rentals for an event, which ASB is more than happy to fund.

12.  Animals. ASB will not provide funding for the purchase of or medical care of any animals.

13.  Events that occur during university breaks. All events that receive funding must occur while the university is open.

14.  Flowers. ASB will not fund real or imitation flowers.

15.  Items not permitted on campus. These include but are not limited to: Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons, firearms, and any paraphernalia related to these items and bartending services.




Due to this, there are items that cannot be funded that are not on this document. If you have a question about whether or not an item may be funded, consult with the ASB Treasurer or Comptrollers for help.