How to Submit a Funding Request to ASB

1)Go to the Forum homepage at and sign in with your MyOleMiss username and password.

2)Scroll down on the homepage to find your list of organization memberships and select the organization you wish to request funding for. (my membership in ASB is being used for an example here!)

3)On your organization homepage, select the manage organization tab.

4)Select the three lines in the left hand corner of the screen. Scroll down the drop down menu and select the Finance tab. *It is important to note at this step that only those labeled as either the President or Treasurer of the organization will have access to the Finance tab.*

5) In the right hand corner of the screen, select the button that states Create a New Request and select Create New Budget Request.

6) Select which Funding Request you would like to apply for.

7) Answer all questions on the Funding Request thoroughly to the best of your ability.

8) Email all additional documentation to This could include but is not limited to: promotional materials for events, lists of students attending events, list of students receiving items, proofs of prices, or event registration details.

9) Submit your request!