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Associated Student Body

Since 1917, ASB has led the effort in advocating for the students at the University of Mississippi. We work to serve selflessly and to represent justly the student body.

Our Mission

The mission of the Associated Student Body is to serve selflessly and to represent justly the student body, in accordance with The University of Mississippi’s Creed by prioritizing students’ interests and needs above personal ambition and prejudice. ASB is a student organization committed to our role of supporting each and every single student to be prepared for the next season of life by engaging student opinion about the nature of our university and campus and elevating the student voice to campus leadership. The Associated Student Body has three branches – executive, legislative, and judicial. These three branches together provide an advocacy resource for students on campus.

The University is respected, but Ole Miss is loved. The University gives a diploma and regretfully terminates tenure, but one never graduates from Ole Miss.
— Frank Everett, 1932 ASB President

What We've Achieved

  • Secured greater representation for students within the University Administration

  • Provided students with countless material resources to ensure academic success

  • Expanded first year programming to facilitate the adjustment of new students

  • Promoted diversity and inclusion through campus-wide, annual programming

  • Improved infrastructure on campus in response to student needs

  • Reformed the two-strike policy to allow for greater clemency for students.

  • Pioneered philanthropy opportunities to serve members of the LOU community.

  • Funded hundreds of Registered Student Organizations

  • Expanded campus safety measures