Legislative Council

The Legislative Council is the staff that helps ensure that the senate is operating smoothly.  These positions consist of the Legislative Council: Executive Assistant, Legislation Monitors, Senate Campus Liaisons, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms, Senate Public Relations Chairman and Historian.  Each of these positions play a huge role in the ASB. 

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Chief of Staff

The responsibilities of the Chief of Staff include assisting the Vice President with overseeing the Legislative Council in conjunction with the President Pro Tempore, collecting weekly reports from each committee chair at every Senate meeting and preparing and assisting the President Pro Tempore for any meeting which he or she must conduct in the absence of the Vice President.


Executive Assistant

The responsibilities of the Executive Assistant include coordinating special events such as the Fall Retreat, list order of Senators to debate for the Vice-President, help to prepare for the Senate meetings, perform any immediate task with which the Vice-President requires assistance, and are responsible for overseeing attendance for all Senators and Legislative Aides at their respective meetings or public forums.

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Legislation Monitor

Legislation Monitors  shall monitor, and if necessary lobby, for acts passed by the Senate, and at all times have knowledge of the disposition and progress of each bill and resolution which has been sent to the proper university officials for final approval. The term of the Legislation Monitor shall be concurrent with that of the Senate President, or shall be with his or her resignation, dismissal by the Senate President, or by a three-fifths (3/5) vote of the Campus Senate, terminated.

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Campus liaisons

Senate Campus Liaisons shall be responsible for keeping the Senate up to date on all campus concerns and events.  He or she shall maintain a strong working relationship with faculty and administrators to keep the lines of communication open.  In addition, this person shall assign Senators as representatives to various organizations on campus and be responsible for ensuring that these Senators attend organizational meetings and represent the interest of that organization.



There Senate Parliamentarian responsibilities include educating the Senators regarding parliamentary procedure through required workshops at the beginning of the full Senate term.  The Parliamentarian shall be present at each meeting and assist the Sergeant-at-Arms in regulating the procedure of the meeting. When necessary, the Parliamentarian shall be allowed to interrupt any Senator to inform the Senate body of the proper parliamentary procedure for the situation.



Sergeant-at-Arms who shall be responsible for the logistical operation of the Senate including maintaining time constraints within the senate meetings.  Ultimately he or she shall have the power of disciplinary enforcement of the rulings of the Chair.

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public relations Chairman

Campus Senate Public Relations Chairmen shall be responsible for maintaining good relations and lines of communication between the Daily Mississippian, NewsWatch, Rebel Radio, and the Campus Senate.  The Public Relations Chairman shall be responsible for ensuring that the agenda for an upcoming meeting is made available to the public the Monday before each regular meeting.  He or she shall ensure that each Senate meeting is covered by the media, and shall be available to answer all questions pertaining to bills, resolutions, and other legislation at the Senate meetings. He or she shall be the administrator of the official ASB Senate social media accounts. He or she shall ensure that the ASB website is accurately updated as it pertains to the Legislative Branches contact information and legislative efforts. 

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The Historian will be responsible for maintaining accurate records on legislation and record debate on all legislation to serve as a reliable reference for inquiries into previous legislation that Senators have debated and voted upon. Additionally, the Historian shall conduct the portion of senate training as it relates to the history and culture of The University of Mississippi, administering the Senatorial examination, serving as a reliable reference for factual inquiries during informal discussion and points of information during formal debate, and chairing Research and Development Council.