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Cabinet works under the president to create a bridge between the administration and the students in order to ensure that student initiatives are both created and enacted. Each Director oversees a board of students committed to aiding and fulfilling the programs and initiatives of the Executive office. Cabinet members meet regularly and keep a record of minutes

Our structure

The President's Cabinet is divided into three different parts: Supervisors, Principals, and Initiative Directors. Supervisors oversee a specific internal function within ASB. Principals work to implement the president's agenda, implement their own agenda, research new initiatives for the student body, and follow through with legislation passed through the ASB Senate. Initiative Directors lead specific annual ASB initiatives and work to build these initiatives through fundraising, marketing, and strategic planning. Together, these three equal parts make up the President's Cabinet and meet regularly to ensure that the student voice is being heard at our university.  


Deputy Chief of Staff-Mary Margaret Strange



The Chief of Staff works under the president in overseeing the President's Cabinet. She meets regularly with all cabinet members, helps plan events, and holds all of cabinet accountable to following through with plans.


The Deputy Chief of Staff works under the President and the Chief-of-Staff. This position works with other cabinet members on proposed policies and initiatives that the respective members wish to see fulfilled. The Deputy Chief of Staff oversees ASB programs, initiatives, and services. The position is responsible for assisting coordinating and administrating all aspects of an ongoing program including planning, organizing, staffing, and leading events. 


Executive Assistant genevieve verville

Executive Assistant-Barker Fowler

The Executive Assistants work under the President and Chief of Staff, as well as working collaboratively with other cabinet members. Their duty is to assist and facilitate proposed policies and initiatives that the cabinet wishes to pursue. They are responsible for aiding members of the cabinet in all endeavors, organizing and scheduling cabinet group events, managing the schedules of the President and the Chief of Staff, planning public forum meetings, implementing the idea tracker, helping facilitate the Collaborative Promise, and occasionally writing speeches. When necessary the Executive Assistants accompany the President and / or the Chief of Staff to any alumni, social, or academic events. Overall, the Executive Assistants work closely with ASB Executive and serve as a catch-all.

Executive Liaison-Tom Fowlkes

Supervisor of Communications-Presley Favre


The Supervisor of Communications is the primary link between the student body and its ASB. She is responsible for informing the campus of the initiatives, events, and actions of the ASB in order to ensure transparency and accountability. She is the facilitator of the ASB's social media pages, and she connects students with opportunities the ASB provides, as well as updates them of upcoming forums at which they can speak with their representatives. 


The Executive Liaison serves as the connector between the three branches of ASB. Through his board's area-based reports, he informs the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the actions of related officials between the branches. His wide-reaching communication allows the ASB to operate more efficiently, and expedites action in addressing student needs.  




The Supervisor of Student Engagement is focused on connecting students with one another and with the University through educational and entertaining programming. She is dedicated to ensuring that each student on campus finds his or her perfect niche at Ole Miss. 

The Supervisor of Student Involvement works with Principals of ASB to find ways to involve the student body with the ASB. She is committed to finding a place within ASB for those students with an interest in student government. This includes facilitating Open Opportunity Initiatives, which opens up specific programming for the entire student body to take part. 





The Principal of Academics is responsible for communication with students and the execution of initiatives that correspond with immediate academic needs. He  regularly meets with respective provosts, deans, and faculty to communicate student’s needs regarding academics. He  will also serve as the liaison for the Senate Committee on Academic Affairs, efficiently and effectively distribute scantrons and blue books for students, will assist the President in finding feasible programs to reduce textbook costs, and will promote faculty and student interaction. He also oversees research regarding the grading policy. 

The Principal of Athletics creates and executes initiatives that promote Athletic events, advocate for student participation and turnout for Athletic events, as well as facilitate the awareness of opportunities through Athletics for students. She does so through collaboration with administrators in the Department of Athletics, as well as serving as the liaison to the Senate Committee on Athletics. 




The Principal of Campus Sustainability promotes being a “good steward” of our community’s resources by working closely with organizations such as Students for a Greener Campus, Campus for Clean Energy, Student Sustainability Committee, and other organizations that promote a green and user-friendly campus. Additionally, he oversees programming to encourage sustainable habits across campus, whether it be through tailgating, transportation, or recycling. 


The Principal of Infrastructure performs a host of duties to improve structures on campus. This includes meeting with leaders in infrastructure, such as the Director of Parking, to communicate these respective issues; providing information on the progress of all renovations or new construction projects pertaining to students; working with university services to promote safety through new crosswalks, cameras in congested parking areas, clear designations of parking lots, and better lighting; and planning programming fairs to ensure students can communicate their needs for the University's infrastructure. 




The Principal and Associate Principal of External Affairs lobby on behalf of the student body regarding issues concerning students on the city, county, state, and national level; along with other universities within the SEC and the state. The Principal and Associate Principal of External Affairs will serve as the official liaison between these respective forms of government and the University of Mississippi Student Body. They focus on creating a stronger presence in our State Legislature by networking with state officials so that we as a student government can push issues like high textbook costs, rising tuition, medical amnesty, mental health, etc. that affect college students.  They focus on creating a more solidified connection between the university and other SEC universities, in order bring a broader perspective of student government to our campus. 




The Co-Principals of First Year Experience are committed to ensuring that new students have their best first year at Ole Miss possible, and working to assist these students in finding their passions on campus. This includes overseeing the implementation and design of Freshman Council, Freshman Forum, Freshman Connect, Transfer Council and other programs for first year students. These programs are designed to better serve all first year students at Ole Miss. They also work closely with the First-Year Experience office to make sure these programs accurately reflect the needs of first year students. 

co-director of inclusion and cross-cultural engagement: soujanya pratap

co-director of inclusion and cross-cultural engagement: leah davis


The Co-Principals of Inclusion and Cross-Cultural Engagement (ICCE) act as a liaison for the interests of the various and diverse minority communities on the Ole Miss campus. The Directors of Inclusion & Cross-Cultural Engagement are responsible for planning events promoting diversity and unity on the Ole Miss Campus, fostering conversations of inclusivity within existing ASB programs through training sessions, and ensuring a diverse demographic of ASB members and representation. They work closely with entities such as: The Center for Inclusion & Cross-Cultural Engagement, The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation, and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Diversity. The Directors of Inclusion shall work with a board and representatives from underrepresented groups on campus.

co-director of philanthropy: matthew edwards

co-director of philanthropy: annie williams


The Co-Principals of Philanthropy head all community service, philanthropic, and fundraising  projects for the Associated Student Body. This administration is aiming to provide numerous opportunities for the entire student body to get involved, so the Principals work closely with other student and Greek organizations, as well as the administration, to create such projects for students. They promote projects and involvement in initiatives such as Adopt- A-Basket, RebelTHON, Closet of Champions, and BIG Event in addition to others. The Principals of Philanthropy are also responsible for keeping an accurate record of the ASB senate senators’ community service requirements each semester, and holding Mr. & Miss Ole Miss accountable for their service project, by being their main point of contact for assistance until the completion of their project. The Director of Philanthropy will select a board to ensure the previous duties listed are fulfilled.